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Organizing and Marketing a LITA Camp

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LITA Camp Manual


Camp Websites


Organizers should create a website that allows for participants to register and indicate interest in topics they want to either lead or learn about.  LITA has a template for a Camp website that can help with this.  Participants should be encouraged to indicate their interest in potential session topics on this website as they register. This will help attract other participants by giving them an idea of potential session topics, and also help organizers plan for potential discussions during Camp. 


Marketing LITA Camp to Particpants




Venue Requirements


Space needs for a LITA Camp should match the anticipated audience.  Camps can take place in everything from a classroom, to a public library auditorium, to external conference room settings.  The actual amount requires depends on the size of the audience (Camps can range from a dozen to a hundred participants) and the number of simultaneous sessions envisioned.


Essential requirements for local organizers for any space include:


  • Wireless internet access
  • Laptop and projector/widescreen display for keynote/wrap-up sessions
  • Projectors, whiteboards, large displays, or similar tools for presenting to small groups
  • Office supplies needed
    • markers
    • whiteboards
    • poster paper
    • timers
    • nametags
  • Food + Refreshments
    • Plan meals and snacks according to the length of Camp.  
    • Be sure to schedule breaks and opportunities for informal interactions between sessions




One way to keep costs down is to arrange for sponsors.  Sponsors can support individual sessions, have their name appear on the Camp website and promotional materials, appear on Camp t-shirts, etc.  Sponsor money is typically used to defray meals and facility costs. 

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