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Create a LITA Camp "package" that can be used by an organization or group that wants to host their own LITA Camp event. The package should include:
* Overview and guide to desired LITA Camp outcomes

* How to run un-conference sessions (lightning talks, speed geeks, etc.)

* Venue logistics (size of meeting space needed, food, computers/projectors, white boards, etc.)

* Booking speakers - maybe a resource guide to locating appropriate LITA folks

* Setting up and maintaining the online component that can be replicated for each camp. 

* Marketing/publicity; establishing the LITA Camp brand

* LITA contacts

Identify potential LITA members to act as keynote speakers and try to match those speakers with possible locations for future LITA Camps.

* Create a cadre of Camp leaders, possibly start with Task Force members who have learned the processes for the facilitation of camps.  Again try to match locations with leaders geographic locations.
The LITA Office will:
- Set pricing and licencing model(s)
- Identify organizations or groups that will want to host the LITA Camp

- David Ward, Chair

- one of the co-chairs of the education committee

- selected members of the Education Committee

- selected members of the original LITA Camp Committee 

- LITA members who have been part of other unconference planning committees
Actual Membership
David Ward, chair 
Kay Flowers 
Maurice York (Top Tech Trends)
Danielle Plumer (LITA Education Committee)
Alison Miller 
Lisa Thomas
The package should be available for use by another organization within six months of the task force's creation. After the Task Force has assisted two separate organizations host a LITA Camp the task force will be disbanded and future responsibility for supporting the LITA Camp will become the responsibility of the LITA Education Committee.

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