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Session Notes

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The Everywhere Library: Creating, Communicating, Integrating


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Session Notes:

Post notes from sessions here, or links to notes/comments on your blog, etc.  You can also create a new wiki page for each session and link from here.


Twitter search has expired so here's a Yahoo Pipes version:



Flickr Search Link (use litacamp09 on posts):





Introduction, ongoing and topic slides:


Google docs version of Powerpoint slides as a PDF


List of Sessions:


Joan Frye Williams Keynote (pptx)


Twitter 101 Slides (gDocs)


Speed Geek 1 (Thursday 1:30pm) - User Experience


Tag Clouds - OCLC generator


Afternoon Break Out Sessions Summary


John Blyberg's Keynote Slides


LITACamp 2009 Friday morning Speed Geeking session.doc


Mark Custer's presentation on EAD and digital repositories

...recorded after the conference (hey, the theme was the "everywhere library," after all)


uStream videos:

Joan Frye Williams short interview: "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste"


Joan Frye Williams Conversation exercise ...


Creating A Positive Staff Culture ... 


John Blyberg post interview very quick interview ...


Andrew Pace LITACamp Take Aways ...


David and Camila Take Aways ...



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